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Injection moulding


Injection moulding

High quality products

We want to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and customer service. Letoplast owns 22 precision injection moulding machines ranging from 200 tons up to 2 000 tons clamping force including 300 tons 2K machine. We offer RHCM technology (rapid heat cycle moulding) also called Heat & Cool, which provides the benefits of a perfect copy of a glossy surface that is no longer necessary to be painted. We do sequential moulding, weldlines reduction or moving them to a less critical area.

Letoplast specializes in visual and technical plastic parts made out of PC-ABS, ABS, PP, PPE, PC, PA6 and others.

Moulding possibilities

Our moulding possibilities includes:
  • Injection moulding machines with clamping force from 200 tons up to 2 000 tons incl. 300 tons 2K machine
  • Cascade cavity filling: cold joints limiting or their relocation to less critical area
  • Gas-assist moulding: avoid of sinkmarks and weight saving
  • Transparent PC parts

Letoplast is supplier of visual and functional plastic parts made out of PC, ABS, PC-ABS, PP, PPE, PA6 and others for automotive, medical, TV & Audio, office equipment, home appliances,…

Our direct customers are top manufacturers like Baxter, Bobcat, … and indirectly companies like Skoda, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Daimler, Maserati, Jaguar Land Rover, MINI, Lamborghini, Opel, Volkswagen, Seat, Ford, Daf, Scania, MAN, Suzuki or Renault.

Injection moulding

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