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Injection moulding


Letoplast has at its disposal an excellent infrastructure and offers innovative approaches in the field of injection molding of plastics. With 18 injection molding machines and various painting lines, our work offers an interesting combination and competitive process for our customers. With a wide range of used materials, from PC-ABS to PA6, Letoplast is continuously expanding its possibilities in plastic injection molding technologies to meet diverse customer requirements.

Injection moulding

Plastic injection molding technologies

At Letoplast, we have extensive equipment for injection molding of plastics, including 18 high-precision injection molding machines. These machines range in clamping force from 220 to 2000 tons, including a special 300 ton and 800 ton machines for two-component injection molding (2K) and a unique machine with a clamping force of 1300T. with two injection units, which allows us to inject automotive parts up to 4 kg and medical parts up to 15 kg on one machine, and which is unique on the market. This wide range of equipment allows us to adapt the production process to the specific needs of our clients.

In addition, we apply sequential injection molding for the reduction and relocation of weld lines to less visible or critical areas of the product. This technique is important for improving the aesthetics and functionality of plastic parts.

In the field of materials, Letoplast specializes in the production of both visually attractive and technically demanding parts from various types of plastics, including PC-ABS, ABS, PP, PPE, PC, PA6, ASA, and many others. This variety of materials allows us to offer solutions for a wide range of applications and customer requirements.

Plastic molding options

Our molding options include:
  • Injection molding with a clamping force of between 220 and 2000 tons including 300t and 800t 2K machines,
  • Cascading cavity filling: limiting weld lines or moving them to less critical areas,
  • or injection molding with the use of nitrogen (GIT): eliminating sink marks and saving on the materials used,
  • High gloss Molding, with or without Variotherm technology

Injection moulding

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