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Injection molding of plastics is one of our key production technologies. We also specialize in painting the plastics we produce, which involves a method of surface treatment that increases the adhesion and durability of our plastic products. This combination of technologies allows us to produce high quality plastic parts for a wide range of applications.

Our unique combination of plastic injection molding and painting, complemented by high-level technical consultation, is ideal for supporting our clients already in the product development phase. Our aim is to provide our customers with high-quality production services, as well as comprehensive solutions that meet their specific needs and help them achieve their objectives.

Injection molding of plastics

At Letoplast, we have 18 precision injection molding machines of various sizes and clamping forces (220T.-2000T.). We use modern techniques such as High Gloss molding, which create smooth, shiny surfaces without the need for additional coating or painting. We are constantly improving our processes, such as including sequential injection molding to reduce or relocate weld lines to less critical parts of the product.

We specialize in the production of technically demanding plastic parts from PC-ABS, ABS, PP, PPE, PC, PA6, ASA materials, and others.

Painting of plastics

Letoplast is an expert in applying water-based and solvent-based paints to molded plastic parts in multiple layers. We have 2 robotic painting lines for water-based painting, 1 manual painting lineand 1 robotic painting line for solvent-based paints. Thanks to the robotization of production, painting is more effective and stable, and we achieve constant quality with a low scrap rate. We also have equipment for color mixing and can perform various masking techniques and multi-component painting (2K/3K).

Quality, material, and energy savings and flexibility are important to us. We are thereby able to meet the needs of our customers and bring them new solutions.

We apply paints to plastic parts in several layers:

- Water-based paints (primer, conductive paint, top coat, clear coat)
- Solvent-based paints (primer, base coat, top coat, High Gloss, clear coat)

We use robotic surface cleaning with CO2 and surface activation with robotic flaming.

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